The right pair of shoes make you look smart and confident. If you are a man who loves boasting a sophisticated style, a good pair of leather shoes is a must in your wardrobe.
Available in a variety of fashionable styles, our leather sandals for women can be paired with sarees, salwar kameez, skirts and jeans wonderfully.
We have the best collection for children’s leather shoes. We have a wide range of soft leather sandals, loafers, sneakers, oxford, derbies and formal shoes for baby boys & girls.


Our men’s leather belts are based on classic designs that have stood the test of time. We curate handmade genuine leather goods and these real leather belts for men are crafted with great care and attention. 
We make both slim and wide styles for women, and each suits a different function; a slim belt can be worn in the waist to cinch a dress or top, and wear wider styles on the hip with jeans or trousers.


Looking for the best wallets for men? If you need somewhere dapper to stash your cash (not to mention your credit cards, ID and business card collection), take a look at our extensive collection of men’s leather wallets. You’ll find our take on the classic black leather wallet, as well as ingenious wallets and card holders with coin purses or handy ID windows designed to make your life easier. In a variety of colors, our genuine leather wallets fit the bill whether you’re shopping for yourself or seeking a gift for someone else.


Pick from a wide range of leather clutch purses for women. These clutches come in various sizes and styles. The flap wallets come either in full art or in circle art. They can be customized by choosing the leather color and the artwork. These clutches can also be customized by adding a sling to them to make it easy for you to carry. These leather clutch bags can be customized by choosing leather color and artwork.


Choose from a wide range of Leather, PU Leather, Non Leather and Fabric bags, for men and women. We also have huge variety of unisex bags that go well with akmost everything. Highon quality, and reliable on price.


Our range of Ladies Handbags are an ode to the modern woman’s independence and expression. Ladies, you can browse through our exclusive range of handbags and shop conveniently from the comfort of your home. Check out our exclusive collection of Leather Handbags, slings bags and wallets that are painstakingly handcrafted by the finest craftsmen.

tote bags

A tote bag is a large and often unfastened bag with parallel handles that emerge from the sides of its pouch. Totes are often used as reusable shopping bags. The archetypal tote bag is made of sturdy cloth, perhaps with thick leather at its virgin handles or bottomless tops; leather versions often have a pebbled surface.

laptop bags

Handcrafted in India, our all-leather bags are made one at a time by our talented and dedicated artisans. Fine quality leather and attention to detail are the foundation with which we create our products. Using the highest grade of leather, we carefully cut each piece from the strongest part of the hide.


Handmade Vintage Leather Backpacks are convenient for taking books, laptop, accessories—and various other things. High quality leather lasts long, and is really comfortable to carry in your daily uses.