carpets (all sizes and designs)

Carpets are an integral part of Indian craft traditions. The tradition of carpet weaving in India is centuries old. Carpets are generally made from wool and silk. The present carpet weaving tradition in India is largely influenced by the carpet tradition of the Mughals. The modern Indian carpet and flooring traditions are largely a continuation of and they have beautifully molded themselves to suit the needs and aspirations of the modern times. The credit of popularizing Indian carpets in foreign markets goes to the artistic abilities and skill of the Indian carpet weavers. In India, different states have their own carpet weaving traditions.

wooden artifacts

Wood Artifact is a decorative piece crafted from wood characterized by its natural texture, including wall brackets, shelves etc. Our range of shelf brackets, wall decorative, wall murals are made from wood for an exquisite rustic appeal. Some of these are indulgently designed using a variety of natural textures and colors that are sure to beautify your classy decor. Use them at home, offices or present them as gifts to near and dear ones.

bhagalpuri chadar (handicraft)

We offer Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar that is sure to amaze you with its soft texture. Our Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar have a silky-soft touch and are the most comfortable. Designed to give maximum comfort, our Bhagalpuri Silk Chadar can be worn while sleeping and or can be spread underneath, to cover the beds. These Bhagalpuri Silk Chadars are manufactured using the finest quality fabrics by our expert artisans, hailing from the remote villages of Bihar.