Carpets (All Sizes And Designs)

Carpets are an integral part of Indian craft traditions. The tradition of carpet weaving in India is centuries old. Carpets are generally made from wool and silk. The present carpet weaving tradition in India is largely influenced by the carpet tradition of the Mughals. The modern Indian carpet and flooring traditions are largely a continuation of and they have beautifully moulded themselves to suit the needs and aspirations of the modern times. The credit of popularizing Indian carpets in foreign markets goes to the artistic abilities and skill of the Indian carpet weavers. In India, different states have their own carpet weaving traditions.Traditional Indian Carpets have become the epitome of luxury flooring not only in India but all around the globe. Playing a crucial role in home décor furnishing everywhere around the world, Indian Carpets are undoubtedly one of the most significant factor that provides a room with a pleasant grandeur aura. Bring carpets in picture can modify the entire appearance and impression of a room or living space, instantly. Handmade Carpets bestow great warmth along with a touch of softness and coziness. Smart and sharp use of antique handmade carpets can revamp a dull-room to a lively and refreshing ambience. Hence, Indian carpets are regarded as the apotheosis of luxurious standards worldwide.We take intricate and delicate work from all over India and from skilled Indian artisans and provide you with the best quality Indian made carpets. Carpets are a great example of how a handicraft can represent a nation’s culture. The carpet export in India is not a very scalable and yet to be explored. We work with Indian artisans from remote areas of India and bring their beautiful work into light. The traditional carpet making can be traced back to the Mughal era when artists were actually given their due and their art was brought to fame. Indian silk carpets are highly valued among the world’s most discerning carpet buyers and weavers alike. Also very often referred to as Kashmiri carpets, these pure silk rugs have their original style with respect to colour, quality, design and durability. These exquisite creations are hand-knotted on warp threads, one at a time in accordance to to a strict code of colours; in the order of their appearance in the baton in the pattern. Silk carpets are very rich, traditional, aristocratic, and yet highly defined in terms of designs. More the number of knots per square inch, greater is their value and durability. Known to last for generation they hold their value and are uniquely produced all over Kashmir in India.